Light Box Study 1 Passing Through 1
Charcoal on two pieces of tracing paper
Light from window

‘Passing Through’ is a work consisting of animated drawings, designed to be projected onto still drawings mounted on a wall (a link to the animation is available below this text). The work documents travelling through: the repetition of the passing landscape, the shifting light and changing landscape en route to Hill End. The drawings that make up the animation are what I have called ‘light box drawings’. These were all executed on small pieces of drafting film or tracing paper. The drawings were then placed into the studio windows for photographing, sometimes as single pieces, other times layered with other drawings. The changing light from behind has created an ethereal mood to each drawing, and allowed me to ‘chase the light’.

These works lead me into painting on the tracing paper using transparent colours, again this allowed me to chase the light and give the works a luminosity that I was looking for when placed into the windows.

Passing Through (animated sequence) from on Vimeo.