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2020 Calleen Art Prize Finalist

I am pleased to be selected as a finalist in the 2020 Calleen Art Prize with the painting 3 Small Paintings About Space Symmetry and Materials (pictured). This an oil painting on copper. Exhibition dates: 4 October–15 November 2020

By a Thread - A group exhibition curated by Amy Hill and Eleanor Megna
23 Sep - 17 Oct 2020 May Space

Fibre and textile practices have long been associated with juxtaposing positions. Associations with gender and domesticity, arguments of its legitimacy as an art form, and its utilisation in aiding revolutionary change has embedded fibre art with an inherent politicisation. The power of fibre as an art making material lies in this complex history and intrinsic non-neutrality.

The artists contributing to this exhibition approach fibre practices from varied backgrounds; as painters, sculptors, drawers, or a combination of the canonical mediums. Drawing on their experiences, culture, and knowledge, these artists utilise and explore fibre to create compelling artworks.

Contributing artists: Anna Dunnill, Graziela Guardino, Aerial Morallos, Al Munro, Mylyn Nguyen, Chloe Smith (I Make Soft Food), Nina Walton, and Lisa Woolfe.

Image detail Tension by Lisa Woolfe 2020 hand drawn animation, tapestry thready, stainless steel pins, video projection

2019 Lyn Mccrea Memorial Drawing Award Recipient

I am thrilled to be awarded the 2019 Lyn Mccrea Memorial Drawing Award at Noosa Regional Art Gallery for my drawing Plateau 6. Judges comment “This is a traditional drawing executed with skill and it evokes a landscape, birds, sense of an environment in flux. It offered me something new each time I returned to look at it.”