News + Side Projects

Gesture - New Work 7 May 2020

2020 - The year of the Covid-19 Pandemic and shut down. I have watched many events cancelled or swiftly migrated to an online experience. So I determined to have my own online experience.

2020 Muswellbrook Art Prize Finalist

I am pleased to be selected as a finalist in the 2020 47th Annual Muswellbrook Art Prize with the painting 3 Small Paintings About Space Symmetry and Materials (pictured). This an oil painting on copper. The exhibition is scheduled to continue until July 2020 once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

2019 Lyn Mccrea Memorial Drawing Award Recipient

I am thrilled to be awarded the 2019 Lyn Mccrea Memorial Drawing Award at Noosa Regional Art Gallery for my drawing Plateau 6. Judges comment “This is a traditional drawing executed with skill and it evokes a landscape, birds, sense of an environment in flux. It offered me something new each time I returned to look at it.”