Just Draw Contemporary Australian Drawing 2016


Just Draw celebrates drawing and its many possibilities, performance, multimedia, installation, sculpture, kinetics and robotics. Exhibition curators Todd Fuller and Lisa Woolfe present Australian artists who leverage the possibilities of this deceptively simple medium. For more information about this exhibition, visit the Just Draw website. ...more

Vantage Points March 2016


Visual artists record objects, places or people from observed vantage points all the time: drawings or paintings of still life, a landscape or portrait easily come to mind. However the term ‘Vantage Point’ has many connotations: the observed view from here or over there; or a standpoint informed by a unique experience. This exhibition considers some of the nuances of ‘vantage points’ or ways of seeing ‘things’, places, experiences and the self. ...more

Scientia Group Exhibition March 2015


Art and science have sat hand in hand for centuries. Renaissance artists looked to the medical sciences to understand human anatomy (even attending autopsies!), botanists have long drawn detailed studies of plant life to understand ecological systems. More recently, Universities have supported formal collaborations between the visual arts and science faculties, resulting in new knowledge and ideas beneficial to both fields. ...more

Drawn Out 2014


This curated exhibition brings together a group of artists whose practice revolves around drawing, using traditional and not-so traditional materials. Drawn Out features works on paper, installation, performance, animation and more. ...more

Plus One 2012


Plus One could have easily been named “Six Degrees of Separation”. Curator Lisa Woolfe invited 12 artists whose work she admires to exhibit their work in a group exhibition at Art Est. ...more